Monday, 27 April 2009


The elephant sniffing his territory, ready for action. The massive, flabby mammal protecting his baby. Then he sprinkles water over them to clean themselves. By RJ

Humongous elephants, rough and leathery. The little calf hiding under the mother as she uses a flyswatter (her tail). By DR

Elephants are very territorial creatures. They’re the biggest land mammals in the world. The humongous, flabby herbivore is a very silent walker for its huge size. The elephants have rough, wrinkled, leathery skin and they’re very bulky. By JB

The elephant is a herbivore, it has a flabby, thick layer of skin. It can grow to an immense size and has marvelous tusks. As they grow older, they will become more broad and stronger in time. By AW

I am idle and a territorial herbivore. My eye sight is not that good. Don’t get that close to me or I will butt to protect my young. I have tusks made of ivory. My ears are as floppy as pastry when it is not cooked. Who am I???? By JH

Grey, lumpy skin. Long, rough trunk. Fat, bulky stomach. White, long tusks. Who am I? By OH

Ears hanging down from the sides of their face
Looming over its baby
Emerging through the African jungle
Protecting its herd
Humungous and biggest land mammal in the world
Amazing that it is a herbivore
Newly born and welcome to the tribe
Tail like a fly swat
Strong bond with its calf By PC

Ears as floppy as an omelet
Looming over its baby
Emerging through the African trees
Protective over her calf and herd
Humongous body form
Amazing leathery skin
Newly born and welcomed into the tribe
Tail just like a fly swat
Strong bond with its calf By SS

The elephants have rough, wrinkly, leathery skin. They’re strong and bold and their babies are called calves. They suck up water and they sprinkle it. They are very territorial. Sometimes they are in herds, By DB

The massive animal goes about minding its own business. Suddenly, a predator came too close. She sends a warning to it. The predator stays. So she starts to charge. Poof! The predator has been flattened. The rest of the herd trumpeted in triumph. If you thought it was an elephant … correct! By LP

Have you met the massive elephant? The elephant has creamy coloured tusks and wrinkly skin, like a grandma (no offence!). It is very strong and very rough. It has a kind of short and swishy tail and they always travel in groups. By JB


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