Friday, 3 April 2009


Sneaking gracefully through the snow, keeping her eye on her prey, in her head calculating which animal she will choose, probably the most injured one because then it can't run or fly fast, making it easier for her to catch it. Her mouth is salivating. We're talking about a vixen (female fox). They hunt for the food not the fox (male fox). Isn't that amazing!! By PC

Sly, fierce little creatures hunting, calculating who is next, planning how he will catch his next feast. Heart pounding, suddenly boom! He's off! The prey sprints, but some aren't fast enough. Then he's got what he needs and starts killing it. Then he pulls his mouth away with a blood moustache. Then he trips up another bird and kills it. He comes out with feathers all over his mouth. By SR

Something frolicking across the snow. Calculating his victims. Greedy animal. Furry fluffy coat. Graceful, glamorous sneaky fox. Chomping on it's meat, scrumptious, delicious prey ... hunting for more. By CO

Stalking, sneaking, frisky fox mysteriously senses his prey, briskly moves closer ... stops!!! He keeps quiet, moving slowly until it is time to POUNCE! By JH

Sneaking up to its prey as the ferocious beast, the fox finds that one animal for it's feast. Every day locating its new prey and storing the rotten meat. By AB

The devilish vixen is salivating as it waits for the rabbit to come out of the bushes. It pounces on the rabbit. The victimised animal tries to get away but it's no use. The vixen tears the rabbit to shreds. By LS

The famished fox prowls around, looking for a juicy victim. Victims so unpredictable, so many to choose from. If you think it is a carnivore ... WRONG! It's an omnivore. The fox leaps at its located victim. Teeth sink deep into the prey, blood drips from the mouth of the fox. By LP

Do you know about the orange, and the fast fox? the fox lives in cold places like Canada and the US. The fox is a risk taker, quiet and very fast. People use them to travel round the North Pole and other snowy places. Foxes are very very furry. They have a long thick coat to keep them warm. Foxes to their furry coat to stay alive and to keep warm because if they did not have their coat they would freeze to death. Last but not least foxes are very good smellers and they eat fish. By JB

Bearing its teeth, drooling saliva and keeping a watchful eye on its lunch is the Red Fox. Walking slowly, pushing its legs through the snow. By LL


  1. Very interesting and superb use of adjectives. Well done class 14

  2. Very good adjectives and grammar.

  3. All of your writing is awesome. Go rm 14!!!

  4. Hey it's Li from the class, hope you like the drawing I did.

    Peace out