Monday, 6 April 2009


The scaly, undercover chameleon, sneaky as can be. The jittery chameleon extends its tongue ... gulp! There goes that beetle bug! By DR

The slow chameleon creeps across the branch. Tongue ready, eyes swirling, seeing its prey, it blends into the foliage. Cunningly, it shoots out its tongue as the prey struggles before plunging into darkness. By LP

Hungry. So hungry ... must eat. "Oh, a cricket!" Clambering gradually, steadily up the mossy log. Blending in with the log, an earthy brown with flecks of pale green. It reaches the top, its eyes fixed readily on the cricket ... 3, 2, 1, BAM! The cricket is gone! By ES

The changeable bumpy chameleon is a reptile. Its rapid, skillful, extending tongue helps him get food. It balances on rocks so he can get closer. By DB

The sneaky undercover chameleon with its outrageously skillful body, targets its strike, then 'SNAP' ... away it goes! Big, disgusting beetle! By AH

Creeping on a tropical tree, eying it's prey is the disguised chameleon. Clambering on the log, keeping it's stability until the cricket is in range of the chameleons extending tongue. The crickets mistake of being in the open could be fatal ... SLURPTT! By SD

Undercover, as the chameleon gradually balances on a rock, sizing up his next meal. Suddenly, his tongue extends. But just at the last minute, his target flies away, not to be seen again. By SS

Chameleons are reptiles. They are coloured by their emotions. They are slow but they are fast at getting the flies. Chameleons are very good at balancing. Their tongues are super long. They are so colourful that it can look like a rainbow. By TL

The rough skin of the chameleon scrapes on the jungle floor as it spots its prey. He strikes for the target. By OH

While the trees in the rainforest swish and sway,
The chameleon is searching for its next prey.
It searches high and low,
Looking for a little bro,
To chomp and chew
And to find something new! By LS

The chameleon balances on the rock and steadily strikes its target, extending its tongue. Swiftly it wraps the stripy bee collecting the pollen from the beautiful purple buttercup. "Sluurp" the chameleon goes and lingers away back into the woods to find some more innocent bugs to eat. By AW

Unseeable chameleon gradually targets its food. With outrageous precision, the chameleon strikes while being so swift. By GK

The chameleon strolling slowly across the groung, changing colour with its emotions - happy, sad then angry. That reptile is extreme - changing colour here and there, striking for its dinner. Getting the target in place, then strike! Bye bye bug! By FH

Changeable hues
Hunting its prey
Acting quickly
Merciless to smaller bugs
Extending its tongue
Lurching towards insects
Eating its prey
Outrageously fast tongue
Nippy as it chews By CG

Unusual, outrageous, rapid, cunning thing. Out pokes his long blue tongue, snapping at his prey. Delicious and scrumptious. By CO

Do you know about the rapid chameleon? The chameleon lives in the rainforest. The chameleon is rough, stripy and disguiseable. Did you know that the chameleon changes pattern and the colour on its body to show its feelings? By JB

The chameleon is a colour changing animal that lives in the rainforest. It's slow and steady with lots of balance. It is also very cunning and when it sees a bug, he moves closer. When the chameleon was close enough, quick as a flash the bug would be gone! By AG


  1. Just loved reading your pieces - I think you are doing an amazing job with your writing in Room 14. Thank you for sharing it with the world!

  2. Excellent stuff room 14. Keep up the great work
    Mr L

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