Monday, 27 April 2009


The elephant sniffing his territory, ready for action. The massive, flabby mammal protecting his baby. Then he sprinkles water over them to clean themselves. By RJ

Humongous elephants, rough and leathery. The little calf hiding under the mother as she uses a flyswatter (her tail). By DR

Elephants are very territorial creatures. They’re the biggest land mammals in the world. The humongous, flabby herbivore is a very silent walker for its huge size. The elephants have rough, wrinkled, leathery skin and they’re very bulky. By JB

The elephant is a herbivore, it has a flabby, thick layer of skin. It can grow to an immense size and has marvelous tusks. As they grow older, they will become more broad and stronger in time. By AW

I am idle and a territorial herbivore. My eye sight is not that good. Don’t get that close to me or I will butt to protect my young. I have tusks made of ivory. My ears are as floppy as pastry when it is not cooked. Who am I???? By JH

Grey, lumpy skin. Long, rough trunk. Fat, bulky stomach. White, long tusks. Who am I? By OH

Ears hanging down from the sides of their face
Looming over its baby
Emerging through the African jungle
Protecting its herd
Humungous and biggest land mammal in the world
Amazing that it is a herbivore
Newly born and welcome to the tribe
Tail like a fly swat
Strong bond with its calf By PC

Ears as floppy as an omelet
Looming over its baby
Emerging through the African trees
Protective over her calf and herd
Humongous body form
Amazing leathery skin
Newly born and welcomed into the tribe
Tail just like a fly swat
Strong bond with its calf By SS

The elephants have rough, wrinkly, leathery skin. They’re strong and bold and their babies are called calves. They suck up water and they sprinkle it. They are very territorial. Sometimes they are in herds, By DB

The massive animal goes about minding its own business. Suddenly, a predator came too close. She sends a warning to it. The predator stays. So she starts to charge. Poof! The predator has been flattened. The rest of the herd trumpeted in triumph. If you thought it was an elephant … correct! By LP

Have you met the massive elephant? The elephant has creamy coloured tusks and wrinkly skin, like a grandma (no offence!). It is very strong and very rough. It has a kind of short and swishy tail and they always travel in groups. By JB

Wednesday, 8 April 2009

African Lion Cubs

African lion cubs prowling around in the long, green grass. Playing around with his brothers and sisters, enjoying the sunny day, crunching around in the autumn leaves. The little lion cubs learning to roar and growl. It sounds more like a meow and a purr! By NS

It was the first day in the new enclosure for the little, quiet lion cub. It sticks its damp nose in the and and breathed in a whole new smell. It stops for a second or two and starts sniffing everything frantically ... By GD

The youthful lion cub hides from other animals, all trying to roar but makes a horrible noise! He is doddering in the forest. By RJ

The African lion cubs are adorable little takkers, but they don't know how the world really is. In their youth, they're easy prey for poachers. Baby cubs are invaluable for poachers and mothers. By EP

Ferocious baby cubs, meowing all day long. Then, in a matter of time, ROAR they are adults. They will eat anything at all! By AB

The outrageously cute felines stepping slowly through the frightening forest, dodging the horrible poacher, then leaping through the long, green weeds. By AH

The cub walks up to the tiny bush and tries to pounce over it, but in the cubs eyes, the bush is a ginormous hedge that just sits there. The cubs quietly roar, just trying to call their mother, but the mother hears nothing except for the wind whispering in her ear. By AW

African lion cubs prowling around in the long, green grass. Playing around with his brothers and sisters, enjoying the sunny day playing in the grass and crunching the fallen autumn leaves. The little lion cubs are learning to roar and growl, and it sounds like more like a meow and a purr! By NS

Looking around at their new environment
Identifying new plants
Open to the world
Never going to leave their tribe
Comfortable lying in the long African grass
Underneath the summer trees
Bouncing over each other
Sunset shining upon them By PC

Looking around at their new environment
Identify the other animals around them
Over protected in their tribe
Now learning how to roar, but it turns into a screech
Cuddles and cuteness
Under the summer sun
Beautiful silky coats and amazing eyes
Snoozing under the African sunset By SS

Curious little lion cubs - pitter patter in the long grass
Using their powerful pounce to jump on enemies
Bouncing through the fields
Sunset rising in the sky as the adorable cubs go to bed By CO

Little roarless lion cubs, doddering about all alone in the open bush, just hiding there ... waiting there for its prey (for example, a zebra). By JB

This small, little animal is an African lion cub. They might be cute now, but when they grow up, they would be very fierce. Cubs are babies - lion cubs can't roar until they grow up. Some lion cubs live in a zoo. By AG

Adorable, brisk lion cubs ... they may look cute now, but when they grow up, they will be ask frisky and as beastly as their Mum and Dad! By JH

They are trying to roar - I think they feel good and happy. Cubs are cute so that animals will not hurt the cubs. They are trying to roar like their Mum and Dad. By TL

The undeveloped cubs stride through the foliage. These two cubs are dodders and are wobbling about on the unsteady greenery. The captivating cats play fight, practising to hunt for animals when they are older. By SD

The little lion cubs are looking through the grass as they watch the zebras who gallop past. As the felines jump up, the zebras start to stop. The parents start to roar when the eagles start to soar! By LS

The adorable, cuddly lion cubs try to roar. Their foe must be near. Mother springs to action, slashing and ripping the enemy. Cubs hide in the lush, green plants. By LP

How lion cubs see the world ...
A playground - Tall, decorative scratching posts. Cool, green threads fun for chasing. Running, sky blue, jumping ropes. A day of fun, COME ON LET'S PLAY!
How it really is ...
The jungle, scratched trees, lovely to take a nap under. Shady, our house and home. Leafy vines hanging down, swaying in the breeze. Small creeks and rivers, trickling down the grassy slopes. A normal day. By ES

Do you know about the tiny African lion cubs? The African lion cub is very attractive and cuddly. Lion cubs have whiskers and their coat is orange. They have very teeny teeth. The African lion cub also has a tail and it is in the cat family "MEOW" By JB

Little lion cubs doddering around the wild. So youthful and adorable so their mums don't fight! Following everywhere they go. But if their mum sees you, they will go "ROAR". By DR

Monday, 6 April 2009


The scaly, undercover chameleon, sneaky as can be. The jittery chameleon extends its tongue ... gulp! There goes that beetle bug! By DR

The slow chameleon creeps across the branch. Tongue ready, eyes swirling, seeing its prey, it blends into the foliage. Cunningly, it shoots out its tongue as the prey struggles before plunging into darkness. By LP

Hungry. So hungry ... must eat. "Oh, a cricket!" Clambering gradually, steadily up the mossy log. Blending in with the log, an earthy brown with flecks of pale green. It reaches the top, its eyes fixed readily on the cricket ... 3, 2, 1, BAM! The cricket is gone! By ES

The changeable bumpy chameleon is a reptile. Its rapid, skillful, extending tongue helps him get food. It balances on rocks so he can get closer. By DB

The sneaky undercover chameleon with its outrageously skillful body, targets its strike, then 'SNAP' ... away it goes! Big, disgusting beetle! By AH

Creeping on a tropical tree, eying it's prey is the disguised chameleon. Clambering on the log, keeping it's stability until the cricket is in range of the chameleons extending tongue. The crickets mistake of being in the open could be fatal ... SLURPTT! By SD

Undercover, as the chameleon gradually balances on a rock, sizing up his next meal. Suddenly, his tongue extends. But just at the last minute, his target flies away, not to be seen again. By SS

Chameleons are reptiles. They are coloured by their emotions. They are slow but they are fast at getting the flies. Chameleons are very good at balancing. Their tongues are super long. They are so colourful that it can look like a rainbow. By TL

The rough skin of the chameleon scrapes on the jungle floor as it spots its prey. He strikes for the target. By OH

While the trees in the rainforest swish and sway,
The chameleon is searching for its next prey.
It searches high and low,
Looking for a little bro,
To chomp and chew
And to find something new! By LS

The chameleon balances on the rock and steadily strikes its target, extending its tongue. Swiftly it wraps the stripy bee collecting the pollen from the beautiful purple buttercup. "Sluurp" the chameleon goes and lingers away back into the woods to find some more innocent bugs to eat. By AW

Unseeable chameleon gradually targets its food. With outrageous precision, the chameleon strikes while being so swift. By GK

The chameleon strolling slowly across the groung, changing colour with its emotions - happy, sad then angry. That reptile is extreme - changing colour here and there, striking for its dinner. Getting the target in place, then strike! Bye bye bug! By FH

Changeable hues
Hunting its prey
Acting quickly
Merciless to smaller bugs
Extending its tongue
Lurching towards insects
Eating its prey
Outrageously fast tongue
Nippy as it chews By CG

Unusual, outrageous, rapid, cunning thing. Out pokes his long blue tongue, snapping at his prey. Delicious and scrumptious. By CO

Do you know about the rapid chameleon? The chameleon lives in the rainforest. The chameleon is rough, stripy and disguiseable. Did you know that the chameleon changes pattern and the colour on its body to show its feelings? By JB

The chameleon is a colour changing animal that lives in the rainforest. It's slow and steady with lots of balance. It is also very cunning and when it sees a bug, he moves closer. When the chameleon was close enough, quick as a flash the bug would be gone! By AG

Friday, 3 April 2009


Sneaking gracefully through the snow, keeping her eye on her prey, in her head calculating which animal she will choose, probably the most injured one because then it can't run or fly fast, making it easier for her to catch it. Her mouth is salivating. We're talking about a vixen (female fox). They hunt for the food not the fox (male fox). Isn't that amazing!! By PC

Sly, fierce little creatures hunting, calculating who is next, planning how he will catch his next feast. Heart pounding, suddenly boom! He's off! The prey sprints, but some aren't fast enough. Then he's got what he needs and starts killing it. Then he pulls his mouth away with a blood moustache. Then he trips up another bird and kills it. He comes out with feathers all over his mouth. By SR

Something frolicking across the snow. Calculating his victims. Greedy animal. Furry fluffy coat. Graceful, glamorous sneaky fox. Chomping on it's meat, scrumptious, delicious prey ... hunting for more. By CO

Stalking, sneaking, frisky fox mysteriously senses his prey, briskly moves closer ... stops!!! He keeps quiet, moving slowly until it is time to POUNCE! By JH

Sneaking up to its prey as the ferocious beast, the fox finds that one animal for it's feast. Every day locating its new prey and storing the rotten meat. By AB

The devilish vixen is salivating as it waits for the rabbit to come out of the bushes. It pounces on the rabbit. The victimised animal tries to get away but it's no use. The vixen tears the rabbit to shreds. By LS

The famished fox prowls around, looking for a juicy victim. Victims so unpredictable, so many to choose from. If you think it is a carnivore ... WRONG! It's an omnivore. The fox leaps at its located victim. Teeth sink deep into the prey, blood drips from the mouth of the fox. By LP

Do you know about the orange, and the fast fox? the fox lives in cold places like Canada and the US. The fox is a risk taker, quiet and very fast. People use them to travel round the North Pole and other snowy places. Foxes are very very furry. They have a long thick coat to keep them warm. Foxes to their furry coat to stay alive and to keep warm because if they did not have their coat they would freeze to death. Last but not least foxes are very good smellers and they eat fish. By JB

Bearing its teeth, drooling saliva and keeping a watchful eye on its lunch is the Red Fox. Walking slowly, pushing its legs through the snow. By LL


Firstly, we looked at a photo of some snakes, wrote up as many words as possible, then went back and found better words using a thesaurus. We wrote one top quality paragraph.

Slithering, sliding rapidly through the grass, as the mortal lethal snake eyes up his next meal. Suddenly, the snakes fork shaped tongue is ready to poison his prey. He pierces deeply into his victims body and swallows it whole. By SS

The snake is prickly with its beastly, shimmering scales and its vicious fangs. It grabs the tiny mice briskly by the neck and sticks its long, heartless fangs into the mice, injecting the venom and the mice screams quietly as the mouses warm blood drips onto the gravel. The snake furiously swallows it deep into its stomach and then cautiously sneaks away mysteriously to find his next prey. By AW

Slithering ... the blood thirsty mortal savaging slimy snake. The vicious killer, a heartless, beastly animal of terror which slides rapidly in the forest. The cold blooded killer camouflages itself in the deadly forest. By RJ

The slithering snake slinks across the bush, showing off it's large, pointed, venomous fangs. The cold-blooded, heartless, savage creature slips through the dead grass as quiet as a mouse, ready to strike. The merciless snake takes an anxious leap on it's prey. As the prey saps the venom, the prey has just met the end of it's day!! By SD

The spineless, bloodthirsty snake, dangerous as a beast. When it catches you, you will be the feast. The snake is also merciless. And when it attacks, it will be torturous. If the snake picks you for it's prey, it will be the end of your day! By CG

The cobra is a type of snake that is very vicious. Like all snakes, cobra's shed their skin. The cobra isn't the only snake known but there are also boa constrictors, pythons, grass snakes, rattle snakes and vipers. Snakes are blood thirsty creatures and they only eat meat - that means they are carnivores. By AG

It's a fast, beastly, limbless, venomous brisk, deadly reptile. It's a long, slippery, savage, reptile slithering through the long, green grass, wildly chasing its prey. What is it? It's a cold blooded, rapid, cunning snake!!! By GD

Rattling it's tail, Danger! Beware!
Absolutely mortal, but seems otherwise
Tortruous teeth glinting in the dark one bite is deadly.
Though slender often very slug like
Lolling around in the sun ready to shed its skin
Extending its fury,as it crouches camoflaged ready to strike
Seeking a victim to master its cravings its true brute coming out
No point denying it thier heartless and have no mercy
Agile but agressve ready to put up a corages fight
Knife like scales slimy and slippery
Exactly what it want its helpless prey tries to escapes but cant it must now face the wrath of the Rattle snake

Snakes are rapid,aggressive brutes. They use their killer instinct to their advantage. Their chain-like body moves like an aerodynamic beast hunting prey. This marauder is lethal, blood-curdling. This snake acts as an immortal creature. By EP