Wednesday, 8 April 2009

African Lion Cubs

African lion cubs prowling around in the long, green grass. Playing around with his brothers and sisters, enjoying the sunny day, crunching around in the autumn leaves. The little lion cubs learning to roar and growl. It sounds more like a meow and a purr! By NS

It was the first day in the new enclosure for the little, quiet lion cub. It sticks its damp nose in the and and breathed in a whole new smell. It stops for a second or two and starts sniffing everything frantically ... By GD

The youthful lion cub hides from other animals, all trying to roar but makes a horrible noise! He is doddering in the forest. By RJ

The African lion cubs are adorable little takkers, but they don't know how the world really is. In their youth, they're easy prey for poachers. Baby cubs are invaluable for poachers and mothers. By EP

Ferocious baby cubs, meowing all day long. Then, in a matter of time, ROAR they are adults. They will eat anything at all! By AB

The outrageously cute felines stepping slowly through the frightening forest, dodging the horrible poacher, then leaping through the long, green weeds. By AH

The cub walks up to the tiny bush and tries to pounce over it, but in the cubs eyes, the bush is a ginormous hedge that just sits there. The cubs quietly roar, just trying to call their mother, but the mother hears nothing except for the wind whispering in her ear. By AW

African lion cubs prowling around in the long, green grass. Playing around with his brothers and sisters, enjoying the sunny day playing in the grass and crunching the fallen autumn leaves. The little lion cubs are learning to roar and growl, and it sounds like more like a meow and a purr! By NS

Looking around at their new environment
Identifying new plants
Open to the world
Never going to leave their tribe
Comfortable lying in the long African grass
Underneath the summer trees
Bouncing over each other
Sunset shining upon them By PC

Looking around at their new environment
Identify the other animals around them
Over protected in their tribe
Now learning how to roar, but it turns into a screech
Cuddles and cuteness
Under the summer sun
Beautiful silky coats and amazing eyes
Snoozing under the African sunset By SS

Curious little lion cubs - pitter patter in the long grass
Using their powerful pounce to jump on enemies
Bouncing through the fields
Sunset rising in the sky as the adorable cubs go to bed By CO

Little roarless lion cubs, doddering about all alone in the open bush, just hiding there ... waiting there for its prey (for example, a zebra). By JB

This small, little animal is an African lion cub. They might be cute now, but when they grow up, they would be very fierce. Cubs are babies - lion cubs can't roar until they grow up. Some lion cubs live in a zoo. By AG

Adorable, brisk lion cubs ... they may look cute now, but when they grow up, they will be ask frisky and as beastly as their Mum and Dad! By JH

They are trying to roar - I think they feel good and happy. Cubs are cute so that animals will not hurt the cubs. They are trying to roar like their Mum and Dad. By TL

The undeveloped cubs stride through the foliage. These two cubs are dodders and are wobbling about on the unsteady greenery. The captivating cats play fight, practising to hunt for animals when they are older. By SD

The little lion cubs are looking through the grass as they watch the zebras who gallop past. As the felines jump up, the zebras start to stop. The parents start to roar when the eagles start to soar! By LS

The adorable, cuddly lion cubs try to roar. Their foe must be near. Mother springs to action, slashing and ripping the enemy. Cubs hide in the lush, green plants. By LP

How lion cubs see the world ...
A playground - Tall, decorative scratching posts. Cool, green threads fun for chasing. Running, sky blue, jumping ropes. A day of fun, COME ON LET'S PLAY!
How it really is ...
The jungle, scratched trees, lovely to take a nap under. Shady, our house and home. Leafy vines hanging down, swaying in the breeze. Small creeks and rivers, trickling down the grassy slopes. A normal day. By ES

Do you know about the tiny African lion cubs? The African lion cub is very attractive and cuddly. Lion cubs have whiskers and their coat is orange. They have very teeny teeth. The African lion cub also has a tail and it is in the cat family "MEOW" By JB

Little lion cubs doddering around the wild. So youthful and adorable so their mums don't fight! Following everywhere they go. But if their mum sees you, they will go "ROAR". By DR


  1. I think I'm in the African bush. Great writing