Friday, 3 April 2009


Firstly, we looked at a photo of some snakes, wrote up as many words as possible, then went back and found better words using a thesaurus. We wrote one top quality paragraph.

Slithering, sliding rapidly through the grass, as the mortal lethal snake eyes up his next meal. Suddenly, the snakes fork shaped tongue is ready to poison his prey. He pierces deeply into his victims body and swallows it whole. By SS

The snake is prickly with its beastly, shimmering scales and its vicious fangs. It grabs the tiny mice briskly by the neck and sticks its long, heartless fangs into the mice, injecting the venom and the mice screams quietly as the mouses warm blood drips onto the gravel. The snake furiously swallows it deep into its stomach and then cautiously sneaks away mysteriously to find his next prey. By AW

Slithering ... the blood thirsty mortal savaging slimy snake. The vicious killer, a heartless, beastly animal of terror which slides rapidly in the forest. The cold blooded killer camouflages itself in the deadly forest. By RJ

The slithering snake slinks across the bush, showing off it's large, pointed, venomous fangs. The cold-blooded, heartless, savage creature slips through the dead grass as quiet as a mouse, ready to strike. The merciless snake takes an anxious leap on it's prey. As the prey saps the venom, the prey has just met the end of it's day!! By SD

The spineless, bloodthirsty snake, dangerous as a beast. When it catches you, you will be the feast. The snake is also merciless. And when it attacks, it will be torturous. If the snake picks you for it's prey, it will be the end of your day! By CG

The cobra is a type of snake that is very vicious. Like all snakes, cobra's shed their skin. The cobra isn't the only snake known but there are also boa constrictors, pythons, grass snakes, rattle snakes and vipers. Snakes are blood thirsty creatures and they only eat meat - that means they are carnivores. By AG

It's a fast, beastly, limbless, venomous brisk, deadly reptile. It's a long, slippery, savage, reptile slithering through the long, green grass, wildly chasing its prey. What is it? It's a cold blooded, rapid, cunning snake!!! By GD

Rattling it's tail, Danger! Beware!
Absolutely mortal, but seems otherwise
Tortruous teeth glinting in the dark one bite is deadly.
Though slender often very slug like
Lolling around in the sun ready to shed its skin
Extending its fury,as it crouches camoflaged ready to strike
Seeking a victim to master its cravings its true brute coming out
No point denying it thier heartless and have no mercy
Agile but agressve ready to put up a corages fight
Knife like scales slimy and slippery
Exactly what it want its helpless prey tries to escapes but cant it must now face the wrath of the Rattle snake

Snakes are rapid,aggressive brutes. They use their killer instinct to their advantage. Their chain-like body moves like an aerodynamic beast hunting prey. This marauder is lethal, blood-curdling. This snake acts as an immortal creature. By EP


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