Friday, 1 May 2009

Bald Eagle

Blood thirsty predator, hovering, looking for prey. Delicious, scrumptious … chomping its fur. By CO

The killer eagle swoops down and kidnaps its prey with its sharp claws. JB

The Bald Eagle hovers over its prey like a squid hovers over a submarine. This malicious killing machine dive bombs its prey until it’s gripped. He swoops in for the final attack. This aerial ace is not a bird on your tail! By EP

The Bald Eagle stalking its prey across the misty sky. Whoosh. The Bald Eagle glides through the sky, down to its prey. The vicious beast killed an unlucky fish in one bite! The death defying bird will eat anything in it’s way. By JB

The evil eagle, killing so rapidly. The mysterious eagle, go ROT away! By DR

The killer eagle is on the loose, beware what he can do. He swoops its prey from the icy cold water, and brings it back to his deadly nest for a tasty feast! By IG

The eagle hovers down to stalk the helpless bird for prey. He zooms right to the helpless bird, getting his razor sharp killer claws ready. He stabs the prey and nibbles on the fatal bird. By RJ

This is a very clever animal that is also a carnivore. It stalks and calculates which to catch. It flies in the air and when it flies, it keeps a steady eye for prey to attack. The animal is called the Bald Eagle. By AG

The killing Bald Eagle stares and targets the victim. Its beak pierces through the outer layer of the fluffy skin and plucks off their hair one by one, letting the poor animal to be victimized. Its hunters adrenaline rushes through his body and quietly murders the innocent animal to death. By AW

Once upon a time there was a country that was ruled by birds. Every species of bird lived there – Moas, Tuis and of course, Kakapos and Takahes. But of all these magnificent birds only one stands above all the rest – the Bald Eagle. Ruler of bird kind and others alike. Founder of food, ruler of sheer cliff and most importantly the Bald Eagle keeps the circle of life alive … By ES

It has spotted its prey. There’s no stopping it now. This hazardous, menacing, Bald Eagle with brown flustering wings, takes itself who knows where, how fast he can get to the ice cold river. It picks up its large salmon without wetting a feather. It has finished its salmon and coming towards me! “Oh, no. Gotta run!!” By GD

Malicious murder, the eagle was thinking about its next fish. Claws piercing, making ripples in the water. The Bald Eagle sees its prey, its hunger taking over its body. Steadily, it lays its fish on the cliff, tearing and ripping the fish into bits. Waiting to see if there is any movement, now plunging into the fish to eat! By GK

Aggressive and mean … fatal and adventurous … is the Bald Eagle. The ferocious bird can take down a creature such as a rabbit in seconds. It pierces through its victim like a razor sharp knife. It nibbles through its food and leaves nothing but bones. Be prepared, the Eagle may strike again! By CG

Black and white Eagle, gliding around, swooping here and there. Tearing and ripping the fish. Enjoying every bite. A proud bird, fierce and savage. Wanting more so diving down into the water, taking the bird to the mountain. His cold numb feet do not stop him. By FH

Bald Eagles are carnivores and they kill to eat just like hunters, but they use their mouths to kill. Bald Eagles prey to get their food or they lose and the other Eagles will not like them. Bald Eagles use their beaks to kill their prey. They fly to kill. Bald Eagles are actually the best at killing. By TL

The ravenous eagle scans the ground for unwanted prey. At last, the hunter spied a carcass and swoops down amongst the icy snow. The snarling bird at the prey, scavenges for flesh among the bones. It pierces at the meat and swallows it whole. The carnivore then swoops away, looking for more dinner. By SD

The ravenous Bald Eagle is soaring through the sky – when it sees its prey having an amazing day. It swoops down to catch the snake but fortunately it slithers away. By LS

The Bald Eagle is very strong. They glide rapidly throughout the sky. When it goes to get something to eat, it shoots down and grabs its prey. It takes it up to a hill. If another animal eats it, it will get aggressive. By DB

The ravenous Bald Eagle swoops down and plucks his prey off the ground and flies away to its nest. He rips apart the flesh of its prey. By NS


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