Thursday, 21 May 2009

Construction Workers

We used the photo of the construction workers eating their lunch while sitting on a beam. Here is the writing we came up with...

Lunch up High: I was scared, you want to know why? Because I was sitting on a crossbeam supposedly relaxed eating lunch 800 ft above the ground! I know I'm supposed to be fine with it, but I wasn't. I'll let you in on a little secret, I'm afraid of heights. Up there, my legs were jelly, my stomach was full of butterflies and my head was spinning. I knew I was going to fall any minute now! ES

Berserk!!!: 1932, The BERSERK construction workers have the brotherly skills to risk their lives every day to sit up on a crossbeam. CO

The life risking construction workers lunching on the crossbeam in 1932. Fearless, respectful construction workers prepared to die at 800 feet above the ground, making buildings. Amazing people! NS

70 Storeys up: Fearless free men with nerves of steel sitting on a steel crossbeam. With their wives not knowing if they are going to come home. The HEROES who sat there, built the RCA. Adventurous friendship, always having someone beside you is comforting when you're 70 storeys up! FH

BERSERK BUILDERS: I was too freaked to look down. 210 metres is enough for me! No protection, no safety! It looked as if I would fall to my death! I looked across the cold crossbeam, my friends are eating. I'm not gonna even try to get my lunch! I'm lucky I'm still alive!! Unless they are just showing off. Then it happens, I start to feel dizzy ... I fall, it's the end, oh well, I conquered my fear, WOOHOO!!! CG

BERSERK BUILDERS: The valiant construction workers sitting on the sturdy crossbeam in 1932, hundreds of metres up above the city floor. The view is breathtaking and inspirational, as the conurbation has been industrialised over the years. Sitting on the metal platform could be a matter of life and death. These brave men have nerves of steel to be in a life risking situation. SD

Fearless dare devils hanging hundreds of metres off the ground having lunch, even napping as they wait for death. Friends and families risking their lives to help the world. AB

Racing up the latter to sit down for lunch, the brave construction workers of New York. The crew was courageous, bold, brave and life risking. OH

The men on the cold steel look down, waving to all the microscopic ants. They all sit there, lunching with not one spectum of fear. Their brotherly bond is as strong as the steel they sit on. AW

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  1. Very interesting. I like discriptive words